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Breeding Ground
by Steven Schwartz
New York Post

Harvey Kushner is a familiar figure, especially to New Yorkers, as a terror investigator over the past 30 years. He has consulted with official agencies from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the New York state prison system.

In this concise, handy volume, he has outlined the extent and details of Islamist terror activities on our own soil. Kushner has performed a useful task in reducing a mass of extraordinarily complex data to easily comprehensible form, but he has also provided a new perspective on the problem by emphasizing that terror plotting continues some three and a half years after the atrocities of 9/11.
As he writes in the introduction, "If you thought 9/11 changed things, think again . . . I have never been more worried about my country."

He begins with the notorious case of Sami al-Arian, the computer science professor who, formerly employed as an academic at the University of South Florida in Tampa, helped finance and direct Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), one of the murderous range of terror groups killing Israelis and American visitors to the Jewish state.
Notwithstanding a strident defense campaign by his leftist and liberal peers in our universities, he is now awaiting trial on charges that have expanded to include support for Hamas, the Saudi-backed "big brother" of PIJ. As Kushner shows, al-Arian's career in America began 20 years ago at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, in the company of another extremist, who would become his brother-in-law, Mazen al-Najjar.

The pair formed a trio in North Carolina with notorious al Qaeda terrorist, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, another engineering student, planner of the 9/11 assault and a lead participant in the plots to bomb USS Cole and to murder Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. "KSM," as he is known, was arrested in Pakistan in 2003. Al-Najjar has been deported... full article




Inaugural Doomsday?
by Cal Thomas
Washington Times

Probably more vigilance and money are being devoted to protecting Thursday's inauguration of President Bush from terrorists than have been dedicated to any public event on U.S. soil in history.

But what if it isn't enough? Suppose — G-d forbid — an Islamic terror cell buried deep within this country for years has been given the code it has been waiting for to conduct the most public assassination of American public officials.

No one will be able to claim we weren't warned, or defend against the charge that we deluded ourselves with political correctness, inattention and bureaucratic rivalries.

The Fox broadcast network is carrying a remarkable series called "24," which brilliantly and persuasively warns America about a secret terrorist family that has been embedded in this country for years. The family blends into a quiet neighborhood until the call to action is sounded and the secretary of defense is kidnapped and threatened with beheading.

Just how effective this fictitious show could be in awakening docile Americans to reality is evident from the reaction by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which asked Fox to send public relations spots to stations carrying the show. The spots say that all Muslims are not terrorists. All Muslims don't have to be terrorists. The ones who are and who are among us are sufficient to bring more death and damage to this country.

One of the most compelling and urgently needed books I have read on terrorism in America was just published. Its title sums up the contents: "Holy War on the Home Front: The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States." The author is Harvey Kushner, Ph.D., who has consulted for the FBI, FAA, INS, U.S. Customs Service and U.S. Department of Probation. (Click HERE to purchase. Sales help fund JWR.)... full article




The War’s Far from Won
by Katherine Jean Lopez
National Review

"If we don't wake up to this, we could lose it all," that's Harvey Kushner's message to Americans — and American intelligence officials.

Harvey Kushner is a familiar face to many Fox viewers. The terrorism expert is a frequent TV commentator. In his full-time work in terrorism prevention, he has been a consultant to major government agencies including the FBI, INS, and U.S. Customs.

Kushner's most recent book is Holy War on the Home Front: The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States, written with Bart Davis.

Kushner recently answered some of NRO editor Kathryn Jean Lopez's questions. Kushner weighed in on the Patriot Act ("essential"), Michael Chertoff (he is less enthused than NR), and, of course, the secret Islamic terror network in the United States.

National Review Online: Boston, New York, Philly, D.C., Miami, Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Houston, Denver, L.A. (and more) — Hamas, al Qaeda, and Hezbollah are operating out of major U.S. cities today?

Harvey Kushner: Holy War on the Home Front is the first book to publish the "Charter of the Center of Studies, Intelligence and the Information." The "Charter" was handwritten in Arabic and dated 1981. It is a militant Islamic organizational plan for terrorism, with every cell, division, agent, and objective clearly defined. One expert's opinion regarding the original Arabic is that the document could have originated from the ranks of the Muslim brotherhood, the originator of all contemporary militant Islamic movements.

Also published in Holy War is a hand-drawn map of the United States and Canada that accompanies the "Charter." The map is divided into four sections: the Western Region, the Central Region, the Eastern Region, the Canadian Region. For example, the Eastern Region has dots over the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Raleigh, and Miami. In 1981, few, if any, terrorist groups were in the cities labeled in Arabic on the map. Today, however, there are terrorist groups in every city shown on the map, proof of how far the secret Islamic terror network has spread.

While interviewed about Holy War on the radio by a former official in the Reagan administration, she said that she had been briefed about the Charter in the early 1980s. She was shocked that it took more than two decades for someone to publish this telling document about the secret Islamic network operating in the United States... full article




Home Front Holy War: al Qaeda Among Us
by Dale Hurd
CBN News – (CBN News) – On March 1st, 2003, near Karachi, Pakistan, authorities nabbed 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Under interrogation, Mohammed talks. But, according to the 9-11 Commission Report, there was one thing that the Sheikh refused to come clean about: a notebook he possessed that contained U.S zip codes. Mohammed fumbled a nonsensical excuse about their being for e-mail. But officials suspect the zip codes are the locations of al Qaeda sleeper cells in the United States.

Even though there has not been a major attack since 9-11, the experts we talked to say that does not mean the war on terror has been a success. It only means al Qaeda has not finished preparations for their next attack. There are still sleeper cells among us. And they are simply waiting for the order to strike.

CBN News asked counter-terrorism expert Harvey Kushner some questions about terrorism in America. He has said in a recent book, “Holy War on the Home Front,” that if you live in an American city, you live near a terrorist.

Kushner explains, "If you live inside the continental United States, chances are, at one time or another, you've walked by, you've talked to, you've not only had business with, but you've dealt with someone who is a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer."

Kushner may be right. Residents in Florida were shocked to learn this week that their neighbor was one of two respected physicians who are under arrest for allegedly pledging allegiance to al Qaeda, and preparing to go to Saudi Arabia to treat wounded al Qaeda fighters and train members in martial arts... full article





Holy War on the Home Front  
by Jamie Glazov
Front Page Magazine

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Harvey Kushner, a Long Island University professor of Criminal Justice and a federal government counterterrorism adviser. He is the author of Holy War on the Home Front: The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States (Penguin 2004).

FP: Dr. Kushner, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Kushner: Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to discuss Holy War. I consider Frontpage a leader in exposing those individuals and groups that pose a threat to the American way of life.    

FP: What inspired you to write this book?

Kushner: Actually, I didn’t want to write Holy War. I was very concerned about some of the people I write about—that is, the good guys. I spend a lot of time talking to people—not just government and military officials, but street cops and probation officers, too. I didn’t want to harm any ongoing investigations. Consequently, all confidential and sensitive documents published in my book have been redacted.

I knew that it was two years after the 9/11 attacks and we were no safer than before the terrorists blasted holes in the New York City skyline. I had the evidence that Government agencies are still sloppy, negligent, or worse. I could show that federal judges were probating illegal aliens who are “known or suspected terrorists” back onto our streets. I knew that federal probation officers can’t report suspicions of terrorist activity from felons they supervise because there’s no one to report it to. I knew that a drug worth billions of dollars a year is being smuggled into the country by a Middle Eastern—African—British network, but no one is investigating it—or its links to terrorism. The USCIS Asylum Offices get applications from Middle Easterners who testify to involvement with terrorism, but they can’t reject them because the FBI won’t return their phone calls.

Don’t believe it? Sorry, but I had the documents to prove it and I had to tell Americans that for all the time and money we’ve spent in the past three years on “security,” Americans are no safer.  As I say in the book: “In my thirty years in counterterrorism, I have never been more worried about my country.”  That’s why I wrote Holy War.  Let the truth be told
... full article


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